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Welcome To DEALS Around Town
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How would you like your business to be right in your customer’s phone?

Deals Around Town allows you to create a marketing strategy and
deliver it right to your customer’s phone.

Offer an incentive to attract new customers and bring
your current customers in more frequently.

Tailor a rewards program to bring your customers back
over and over again.


Deals Around Town is a local, mobile platform that WE run and YOU use. Tell us what you want and we do all of the work for you.

It’s a simple but very effective way to attract new business and keep your current customers happy and loyal.

Forty-two percent of mobile phone users have used a mobile coupon.

The number of mobile coupon users is expected to reach over 1 billion by 2019!

Click on the video to see what Deals Around Town is all about!


Download the App

The app is free to the consumer and is available for iPhones or Android devices.  Just search for "Deals Around Town" in the App Store or Play Store or text "GetDAT" to 77948 to get a link sent to your phone.

Coupon Passes

The consumer will save the coupon passes they want to use right in their mobile wallet.  Geo fencing will allow your coupon pass to show up as a notification on their lock screen when they get close to your business.

Rewards Cards

Tailor a rewards program to keep your customers loyal to you.  It costs far less to keep a current customer than it does to attract new customers.

Push Notifications

After a customer saves your coupon pass in their phone, you can communicate with them via push notifications to alert them to sales or specials.

Social Media

A special coupon pass can be shared on your social media sites to offer a special promotion or discount for people who already follow your business.


You can change your offers each month to keep your marketing fresh or to target new products or promotions.

Measureable Results

The power of Deals Around Town lies in the analytics we can provide to you. You will receive a weekly email detailing the number of people with your coupon pass installed on their phone and the number of redemptions. Calculate your ROI and know exactly how much the program is bringing into your business.


“You guys are really on to something!  This app is so neat!"

"The team at Deals Around Town are definitely focused on my needs as a small business owner. The weekly reports are great!  They allow me to see exactly how the app is working for my business!"

"This app is an absolute must have for any business!  It does so much!"


A boutique signed up with Deals Around Town and within 4 months had already received 432 coupons!

A restaurant signed up and within 13 days had already recouped their initial investment….for the first 6 months!

A business did a push notification and it brought in over $1,000 revenue in one day!

A new nail salon signed up for the app and has received 398 coupons in the first 5 months!

A restaurant owner signed up for a 6 month commitment and did so well, he signed up for an additional year and paid for it all up front!

A clothing store signed up at 4:30 pm and the next morning had received 3 coupons within 45 minutes of opening the store!

Included In Monthly Fee

Unlimited Coupon Passes
Rewards Program
Social Media Coupon Pass
Social Media Rewards Card
One Push Notification per Month
Unlimited Mobile Platform Changes
24/7 Customer Service
Weekly Reporting

Included In Setup Fee

Custom Mobile Platform Page
Reporting Setup
Table Tents/Promotional Cards
Rewards Card Promo signage for counter

Additional Add Ons

Custom Post Cards
Custom Table Tents